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Nov 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
done a lot for the city. so he's got a lot of supporters.. >> people are wondering what is going on. we're going to find out. that will be public record. >> he says he's cooperating with the audits and investigations and will have more to say, soon. >> certainly, when the review is completed, you'll hear a little bit more from me. >> he made comments about the board is looking at wide spread policy changes with regard to+9ñúñ issued credit cad use in the wake of this scandal. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> 49ers head coach is back at the doctor's tonight. the team announced he is undergoing a follow up evaluation with a procedure received on thursday to correct an irregular heartbeat. this came as a bit of a surprise made just minutes after harbaugh was scheduled to anounts victory over the bears. the team gave no indication there is a concern with the health. we'll stay on top of it. in the meantime, the tedford era is over. cal fired the most successful football coach in the team's history. >> this comes at a coast. >> this is a difficult day. he took the program from the bottom u
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
road. the city decided conditions were too dangerous to keep traffic flowing. they have not said when this will be open again. >> rain made for sloppy driving in the south bay. drivers sent the water spraying across the roadway. a similar scene on roads throughout the coast. we're live where weather it d the temperatures here at the summit dropped about 10 degrees. there is no rain and the fog is nothing like this morning when you couldn't see headline lights or cars. the fog and rain was so treacherous, some drivers decided to wait1xg it out. >> this is anything like this on the hillside especially. >> chp trying to minimize problems by running traffic breaks. >> hydroplaning can result from braking too fast. >> on highway 9 it couldn't get slower, wild weather knocked a tree into a power line and downed wires backed up cars for miles. >> prediction, today is the light day. so this is to be in trouble. >> only pg&e could restore power leaving businesses in the dark. >> we didn't have a terrific panic but a thought. what is going to happen now? >> tony didn't get the blow dry she was
Nov 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
released the victims' identities. the city is now dealing with 115 homicides this year, five more than all of last year. >> in mountain view, man armed with a shotgun was taken into custody after a seven your standoff. police were called to an apartment building around 3:30 this morning. they ehave gone waited the surrounding area after hearing the suspect had a gun and wanted to kill himself. >> initially started out as a domestic dispute between him and his girlfriend. she left the apartment. and that's how we got the information about him being suicidal and possibly armed with a shotgun. >> richard johnson century reb kerr evidence shortly after: 30, charged with battery. no one was hurt in the standoff. >>> a small plane from novato crashed near a soccer field at a southern california university, injuring the man and woman on board. it happened near cal state northridge, faa official says the cessna was on its way to john wayne airport when it lost engine power over the san fernando valley. the pilot tried to reach van nuys airport but made the emergency landing at the university.
Nov 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
claiming victory the cease fire deal. palestinians flooded streets of gaza city to celebrate the agreement brokered by egypt and the united states. under the deal hamas stop firing rockets into israel and israelies have abried to open border crossings into gaza. secretary of state clinton says the cease fire is an important first step. >> people of the region deserve the chance to live free from fear, and violence. and today's agreement is a step in the right direction we should build on. >> abc 7 news spoke with a palestinian doctor in gaza that is with the middle east children alliance, a group helping children traumatized by violence. >> in five minutes from my home to my office, i could see destruction and the i can see the zried homes. the worst part of this, of the after tack against gaza ais the affect on the children. and they have been this time, we'll find out the disorder.pqjv said in israel. a bomb exploded in tel aviv. a militant group claimed presponsibility for that. >> back at home, after years of debate we're closer now to finding out the fate of a popular north
Nov 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
city are moving out tonight and some are staying to fight to convert night a complex. it's called peace harbor. abc 7 news has the story. >> they were leaving with all belongings, this after living here aboard the boat. >> it's wonderful and we've enjoyed it. >> most people living on the boats have left. yellow tapes mark empty berths. only 36 of the 88 tenants are still here, all given notices that they would have to move by mid$e7& january. pete's widow wants to sell to a developer planning to build a 411 unit apartment ask condo complex. the family attorney says all leases were month to month, noting waits for sale, saying this was pete's vision a hasher built five decades ago it will bring $2.4 hillin of appropriate tax into the city. creating 2000 jobs in the community. >> a group is fighting the development. buckly and wendy stone live add board their cruiser 20 years. they don't know where they're going. >> i'm on a fixed income. i can't afford to put a first and last down someplace. >> buckly has no hard feelings against her saying she helped him when he had cancer and wo
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
legacy two of]rbx fallen leaders assassinated 34 years ago today inside of their offices at city hall. >> san francisco gay men chorus sang in memory of the two a short time ago. speakers included milk's nephew, stewart. a group marched to milk's old camera store. he was the first openly gay man elected to office in san frachblt he not only championed lgbt community but spoke up for neighborhoods where people felt ignored by city hall. >> other people are being remembered tonight. victims of the oikos university massacre will be remembered thanks to a special a musical performance highlighted the ceremony. the plot of landed indicated in honor of the seven people. a psychiatrist found the suspect is not mentally competent to stand trial. a judge will determine whether the trial goes forward. >> today a fed ram judge denied national rifle association request for a preliminary injunction against two san francisco gun laws. the attorney argued it reasonable withheld public safety. the storage law requires guns to be locked when stored in the home. other law bars sale of dangerous am miss
Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> they don't smoke in the house, really. there is grandma at home. >> firefighters and city health department checked throughout the family home. for any source but found nothing. their landlord instaled a detector today, everyone back home, feeling fine. >> did they check you out? >> that little boy and family had no trace of the poison. and keep in mind every home has to have a carbon monoxide detector. >> everyone is fine. thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news, increased concern over bird strikes in bay area airports. and71ñ the possible solution someone want to take a shot at. >> fees generated from green house gas allowances and questions over where money is supposed to go. >> a >>> a bird strike can bring down an airplane why another to kill birds necessary to prevent problems. abc 7 news is live from san jose international airport with the story. >> right. san francisco and oakland international airports already have aggressive programs to retus the threat of strikes. this airport has had 180 reported bird strikes since 2009. and it wants the same options as our airpor
Nov 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
new york city. the students had to get up for a practice mark at 3:00 a.m. before getting a big moment in the spotlight. >> they sound terrific. four million people line that had route. the school spent 150,000ses today buy tube yaz for the band. >> what do they experience. >> a lot of fun. >> a tragedy in tex. a weather related pile up leaves dozens of mangled cars around the highway. >> u.s. postal service about to join the internet age. a national experiment in the bay area next month. >> and a young man takes steps in a local hospital. >>> a thanksgiving tragedy in texas tonight. two people are dead the result of a massive weather related pile up on interstate 10 near texas gulf coast. the story tonight from beaumont. >> a mangled mass of metal, some twisted beyond recognition turning thanksgiving into a nightmare on wheels for thousands of travelers. from compact cars to tractor trailers, none escaped chain reaction that happened in dense fog southwest of beaumont. it's heavy rolled into this area this morning. and now, we're with three major accidents in a two-hour area. >
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8